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Property (re)financing, also for non-residents

For you, living in Switzerland, we would like to emphasize the importance to talk to an expert for your property financing. Not just in finding the best interest rate, but also taking into consideration the significant tax optimization possibilities…..and also looking at your personal situation regarding retirement or unexpected events, like for example death.

We can determine the maximum price you can afford to pay for your property. We inform about alternative financing options and give you an indication about the final cost, which you can compare with your actual housing cost.

Being independent and having agreements with a wide range of banks and insurance companies, we can provide you with unbiased and attractive offers. Through our long time experience dealing with these matters, we sometimes do “miracles”!

For you, living abroad and want to buy property in Switzerland, we are pleased to be able to also provide you with property financing. Fully respecting of course, relevant local authorities’ regulations.

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Who better than a property owner can understand and solve your property (re)financing problems?

Our in-house expert is here for you

Sigmund Friberg
Founder & Senior Advisor

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