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Insurances: individual, corporate, international

Insurances, most people don’t want to talk about it, let alone paying for it…..but reality is cruel, we need them! Among them health, life, house, legal, car, international, company etc… pick! But how to choose the right ones, what company and what cover you need, that’s what we can help you with. Since we work independently and with the major insurance companies and have an in depth knowledge of the confusing ‘world of insurances’, we’re able to guide you through the jungle and present to you different options. Our advisors will ensure you with information of the cover you need, not more and not less!!


Health insuranceComplementary( transport, prenatal etc.)Life insuranceCross-border CH/FRLegal protectionOther (home, car, etc.)


Accident LAAAccident complementaryPension plan (LPP)Loss of gain PDG/INDAsset, special risk and other insuranceClaims management


Health insurance US life insurance Students Other