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Arriving in Switzerland, living Switzerland and leaving in Switzerland implies many changes and challenges regarding financial and insurance issues.

The Swiss social security system and health system is complex and the loopholes are many.

Lack of information, even wrong information is unfortunately not an exception in the daily life….and this can have an huge impact on your personal economy.

As senior independent experts, with a long experience in dealing with the international community,  in certain financial areas and with long-term close partners in other financial areas, we are competent to give you an unbiased advice adapted to you and your family’s unique situation and secure your future.

Among others we provide, due to excellent partners, advisory services to US , UK , Norwegian  and UN employees  .

Just to mention some key areas, such as;

  • tax optimization and declaration
  • life insurance
  • international health insurance
  • tax & legal
  • retirement planning
  • succession